August 2019

How to be a leader in the digital age

Old school, good-ole-boys management is out; leading in the digital age is in. But for many leaders, from Baby Boomers who are aging out of the workforce to Generation Z who are just getting started, there’s confusion about what that means.

A lot of coaches recommend executives develop their leadership brand by posting regularly to social media, writing articles consistently and talking often to the media. That’s often not the most realistic nor effective strategy for many C-Suite executives and those aspiring to climb the corporate ladder.

What this unique group of thought leaders and industry influencers needs is actionable advice that will help them grow in their organization (and possibly beyond it) and become better leaders overall.

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What is a mindful leader?

There’s so much talk about mindfulness and personal growth that it often feels like there’s too much talk–but not about what that mindfulness actually looks like and how to be more mindful at work.

Leaders aren’t necessarily CEOs or department heads. They’re anyone who can influence others to achieve a result not solely for the purpose of satisfying your own interests. Leaders help others to see the value in themselves, they help others to grow and they spark and grow ideas that leads to change–in organizations and industries.

As a leader, it’s your responsibility to approach your role mindfully, with the self-awareness to know what’s going on within yourself internally. Being a mindful leader isn’t a set of experiences and CV-fillers you can check off; it’s a process and disciplined awareness that’s grown and developed through practice and intentional focus.

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